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Volunteer Information

Throughout each year, every family is required to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours for the school. Families are also required to authorize a direct payment from their bank accounts on June 30th of the current year in the amount of $500.00 in the event they have not fulfilled their hours. (Included in the orange Electronic Funds Transfer Form in this package.)

If a family has fulfilled part of their hours the charge will be prorated based on $41.66 per hour. Any family who withdraws part way through a year will also be charged a prorated amount for any unfulfilled volunteer time. A self- tracking system is used to record volunteer hours. Hours must be recorded to be considered a contribution towards required volunteer hours.

Please note: A Criminal Record Check is required prior to volunteer work requiring direct contact with students.


All volunteers at Westmont Montessori School must have a Criminal Record Check in order to fill volunteer roles with direct student contact. You can obtain a Criminal Record Check for the purpose of volunteering with Westmont Montessori School
free of charge.

The process is completed online and the results are sent directly to the school. The online process will require you to allow access to Equifax information. This info is used to confirm identity. If you feel like you do not want to use the online process, you can request a paper version from the front desk to take to your local RCMP office but it does take significantly longer to process. Be aware that no parents/volunteers will be allowed to work with students or drive on field trips without this completed: no exceptions!

To access the online process please use the link and access code below.
Online Link: https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/
Access Code: X848PD6N2M

PLEASE NOTE: There could be significant liability placed on Westmont Montessori School should a situation arise involving a volunteer that has not provided the school with a current Criminal Record Check.

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