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Technology Use

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Each program at Westmont uses technology at a developmentally appropriate level. Whenever technology is used, it is considered a tool just like any other classroom resource. There are some students with diverse learning needs who use assistive technology to communicate or provide voice to text capabilities.

Early Years

In Early Years, technology is not a part of the students’ day to day program. Teachers may use technology at various times, but this is very limited. Examples that we have used before include watching the school-wide Remembrance Day Ceremony, monitoring a wildlife webcam, or conversing with astronauts aboard the space station.

Lower Elementary

In the Lower Elementary classrooms, computers are provided at a one computer to 16 student ratio. Computers are used for some word processing as well as research on topics being covered in the class. Technology again, plays a limited role within the program

Upper Elementary

There is increased usage of technology at the Upper Elementary. As with the Lower Elementary program, computers are used for word processing and research on topics being covered in the class. Students will sometimes use technology to share their learning through a digital means. Computers are provided on a 1 compute to 6 student ratio.

Secondary (Middle and High School)

Technology is used daily within the Middle and High School programs. Students are expected to provide their own laptops for use in the class. Assignments are distributed electronically to students, and students can track their progress online as well. This does not mean that students are on their devices constantly. In fact, the actual completion of assignments is usually not done on computers as they often require group work or working outside the classroom environment.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are not permitted to be used by students at any time during school hours in any program.

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