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The Westmont Difference

Westmont is a caring, family oriented Preschool to Grade 12 learning community that takes an individual approach to experiential, real world education. We believe students deserve to be seen and develop as whole individuals from the start of school, not simply after graduation. Our students excel academically and in life as our method truly ignites a passion for deep, life-long learning. Does this sound right for you or your student?

Tailored education

Because each student has unique interests, strengths, and desires.

Academic excellence

Deep, experiential learning that sticks.  No regurgitation for the next test.

Whole child development

Thriving adults are strong inside and out.  We help students build both from the beginning.

Stunning nature campus

160+ acres of forest-meets-ocean splendour to explore, connect, and learn.

Best of BC’s new curriculum

“Best implementation of BC’s new curriculum I’ve seen” – Ministry of Education Inspector

Caring and supportive community

We treasure this.  It makes all the difference in a young person’s development.

Passion for learning

Our method ignites a fire for deep, lifelong learning.  How? Choice within boundaries.

Mentorship for life

From K-12 our students learn how to lead and be led.  Essential life skill?

Academic Experts

" The teachers and administration are to be commended on excellent planning which confirms the Montessori approach to learning but also clearly reflects the modernized BC curriculum...the planning already extends to include a curricular and competency overview for the Graduation Program."

- BC Ministry of Education Inspector

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Westmont’s Forest-Meets-Ocean Campus

Igniting the fire
for deep, self-directed, lifelong learning

At Westmont, experiential learning begins in pre-k and elementary with a focus on physical experiences in nature and self-directed use of hands-on tools. This expands in middle school with projects that integrate multiple subjects and require high performance teamwork. In our new High School program, projects are tackled through the model of design thinking. We’ll bring students to the world both virtually and in person, by creating learning experiences in progressive environments that offer knowledge from the real world, not a textbook – from business incubators to makerspaces, organic farms to ocean biology labs, university lectures to expert mentorships, local explorations to global adventures.


Westmont Program Journey

Early Years

With a teacher for every 8 students, your child’s nature and classroom Early Years experience will help them build the most solid foundation.

Lower Elementary

Reading, math, and self-management explode!  And students drive it all.

Upper Elementary

Exceeds BC Curriculum.  Multi-age cohort.  Community citizenship, virtues and leadership skills.  Field trips, music, art and French!

Middle School

Powerful integration of latest research in human development, education trends, and Montessori philosophy.  Confident, self-aware, capable students.  Safe and fun!

High School

Groundbreaking new program that excites students.  Project based learning. 2 days a week off campus in the real world.  Travel.  Product design.  Detailed launch plan and mentorship for desired post secondary choices.

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Praise for Montessori Method

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