Our vision is of a school that provides world class Montessori education now and for generations to come.


Westmont Montessori Core Values



Capable of thinking or acting for oneself.

Students are encouraged to do for themselves anything within their capability.

The environment is prepared so that the child can complete tasks without help, from getting themselves a glass of water, to working on an activity.

Students are encouraged to decide things for themselves so that, their independence, and self- confidence flourishes, and stays with them throughout life.

Students learn to take accountability for their work and manage their own responsibilities and learning goals in the classroom with the support of their teachers.



Engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuit.
Students are connected to the natural world (forests, gardens, beaches and play spaces) through physical outdoor pursuits.

Children’s minds are active, as they are always exploring within the classroom. Students have freedom of movement within the classrooms and are not limited to sitting in desks.



To join or link together.
Every member of the community is valued and treated with kindness and compassion.

Students understand that they are a part of different types of communities where everyone has their own individual needs, but also contributes to the greater community.

Classes with 3-year age groupings facilitate mentorship among the students and encourage leadership development.



The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Students learn that mistakes are part of the learning process, perfection is not rewarded, and children are given opportunities to work through errors and resolve them on their own.

Students reach their full potential by experiencing and contributing to a respectful and passionate community of learners, where they can take comfort and pride in being themselves.

The combination of independent, partner, small-group, and whole-group lessons and activities introduces students to different learning relationships and interpersonal dynamics—valuable skills for their interactions outside the classroom.



Eager to know or learn something.

Students learn through exploration in the classroom, they can pursue their own passions within the prepared environment, leading to intrinsic motivation and sustained attention.

Child-directed work is supported by the design and flow of the Montessori classroom, which is created to ignite each child’s curiosity and to provide the opportunity to work in calm, uncluttered spaces either individually or with peers.

Students learn in an environment which recognizes and respects individual variations in the learning process, uninterrupted work periods facilitate the development of coordination, concentration, and independence.

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