Do you live outside of Canada?

Are you looking for a world-class Montessori education for your child?

Do you want to join a community of like-minded parents and feel home away from home?


Then Westmont Montessori is the school for you and your Family!

How to Apply

The application process is easy. Our admissions team is here to support you during each step of this process! 

Step 1 – Tour

Interested families are encouraged to meet our team or visit our campus. Tours are available online or in-person!

Please note, no tours are available in July and August. 

Step 2 – Apply Online

Please complete an online Student Application form and submit your non-refundable $250CAD application fee. Please be prepared to provide any supporting documents in English that may be requested, i.e. report cards, diagnostic testing, occupational therapy reports, etc.

Step 3 – Student Visit

Westmont does require that all students have a mandatory visit so that teachers can get to know your child. This visit is a half day for Early Primary and two days for Elementary/Middle School.

If you are currently out of Canada, an “online classroom visit” can possibly be arranged upon request.

Step 4 – Enrolment

Successful enrolment depends upon available spaces, suitability for the program, and the ability to meet any special learning needs a student may have.

As a small, community-minded society, we embrace all students and endeavour to provide them with the individualized learning experience they deserve. As our school has grown in past years, so has the diversity of our students’ needs. We have reached our maximum capacity for inclusion support staff, and we can not accept applications from students in any of our programs with diverse neurological, physical, or socio-emotional needs until the 2025-2026 school year.


Tuition and Fees

Westmont fees cover all the costs of our outstanding program. 

High School

Middle School

Upper Elementary

Lower Elementary

$32,000 CAD Annually
Other Annual Fees
Membership Fee – $5,000 CAD per student. Covers capital fee, supplementary course fee, volunteer levy, and other annual charges.

Before & After School Daycare – available at additional cost
(Early Years-Grade 6)

New Family Fees
Registration Fee – $250 CAD one time, non-refundable
Variable Charges
English Support Fee – $5,000 CAD. An additional Special English Fee is applicable to students who have a TOEFL score below 100 and IELTS score below 7.0 and is utilized to provide ESL instruction outside of regular classroom hours.

Uniform – $300 – $500 CAD estimated annual cost


Other Things to Consider
Housing – International students attending Westmont must be staying with parent/guardians or with relatives. Students in paid homestay situations are not eligible for enrolment. Clear lines of communication must be in place between parent/guardians/relatives and school administration/teachers.

Visa – the student’s guardian must satisfy one of the following:  

  • The student’s guardian has been admitted to Canada for permanent residence (i.e., landed immigrant) or has applied for permanent residence from within Canada and can substantiate this with documentation from CIC.  
  • The student’s guardian has been admitted for temporary residence in Canada for a term of one year or more and holds a student authorization or employment authorization from CIC.  
  • The student’s guardian has been admitted under a teacher exchange program. 
  • The student’s guardian is carrying out official duties as a diplomatic or consular official and can substantiate this with a Foreign Representative Acceptance Counterfoil in the guardian’s passport; or  
  • The student’s guardian is a person who is a resident of the province on a cyclical (continuing part-time) basis, as determined through consultation with the Ministry of Education and with CIC.  

For more information, we direct you to begin your path forward by visiting Citizenship & Immigration Canada (‘CIC’) for more information on the requirements to be admitted to Canada as a permanent or temporary resident for yourself and for your child.

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Learn More About Each Program

Gr 1

Early Years

With a teacher for every 8 students, your child’s nature and classroom Early Years experience will help them build the most solid foundation.

Upper Elementary

Lower Elementary

Grade 1-3 

Reading, math, and self-management explode!  And students drive it all.

Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary

Grade 4-6

Exceeds BC Curriculum.  Multi-age cohort.  Community citizenship, virtues and leadership skills.  Field trips, music, art and French!

Middle School

Middle School

Grade 7-8

Powerful integration of latest research in human development, education trends, and Montessori philosophy.  Confident, self-aware, capable students.  Safe and fun!

High School

High School

Grade 9-12
Groundbreaking program that excites students. Project based learning. 2 days a week off campus in the real world. Travel. Product design. Detailed launch plan and mentorship for desired post secondary choices.

Westmont Montessori

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