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Westmont High School Cultural Immersion in the Northwest Territories

Stories from High SchoolStudents Perspective of Trip to Tsiighetchic.Picture this: It is minus 30 outside. You are surrounded by a thick, dense, boreal forest with black spruce trees around you and there’s ice and snow below. You are on the back of a tiny sled being...

Rising Sun and Pouring Rain.

A Travelogue of a Westmont Middle and High School journey to JapanWe interviewed Alana Scott, one of our middle school students, about her experience during the recent trip to Japan organized by Westmont Montessori School.Wow. That’s what I thought when I was told...

The Westmont Prize 2023

What isWestmont Prize?The Westmont Prize is an annual design competition for youth across North America, organized by Westmont Montessori School.This year's competition is open to all students grade 7 to 12 Money prizes to winning teams. Scholarships to...

The Westmont Prize 2022

Amazing Ideas This fall Westmont Montessori School hosted its second annual Westmont Prize, where students in grades 7 – 11 collaborated in teams of 4, picked one of four community issues and found workable solutions to be agents of change. This student design...

Judges and Speakers 2022

The Westmont Prize Judging PanelStephen Housser Mr. Housser brings 20 years experience in radio and television broadcasting and an extensive knowledge of BC and national media. He is a poised, articulate and persuasive communicator with a proven ability to gather,...

The Westmont Prize 2022 Information

What is Westmont Prize? Annual design competition open to all students grade 7-11 across North America   Teams of 4 sign up online, $120 CAD entry fee (or $30 CAD per each team member), multi-age teams encouraged, pre-work required Focus is on quality of teamwork,...

A Westmontian’s High School Experience.

Stories from High SchoolWe interviewed one of our high school students about her experience at Westmont Montessori.Tell us about your Montessori journey. My name is Hannah Smith and I am a grade twelve student who has been at Westmont since pre-school. Engaging in...

A Westmontian’s Middle School Experience.

Stories from Middle SchoolWe interviewed one of our middle school students about her experience at Westmont Montessori.Tell us about your Montessori journey. Hi! I’m Alana, a Westmont Montessori middle school student who’s been at Westmont for a decade now, and as a...

High School: A Project-Based Multi-Disciplinary Academy

The world changed. Education did not.Teacher. Desk. Study. Test. Forget. Repeat. Graduate. Why is school still like this? Conventional public and private schools were designed in the 1800s to prepare youth for industrial factory jobs. The world has changed....

The Greater Victoria Teenhood Summit – A Virtual Event for Parents

An interactive event designed to help us re-examine our role as parentsParenting is never easy, but a particularly challenging time in the life of a family is when kids reach adolescence. Not only do our kids begin to go through significant growth and changes in their...

5 Things
You’ll Love

There’s A LOT you’ll probably love about Westmont’s ground breaking High School program…but here’s 5 we KNOW you will 🙂

Join an inspiring learning environment that prepares you for post graduation

Collaborate with mentors to explore real wordls experiences

Travel: domestic and international trips to add a deeper dimension to learning

Project-based learning experience, tackled through the model of design thinking. Relevant. Useful. Memorable.

Follow your passions. Choose to learn what you’re interested in!
Choice within boundaries

Peter Scott

Futurist and NASA Contractor

“My job is to understand how technology is changing the world and help people deal with those changes. No previous generation has ever faced as much disruption as is starting now, and the old models of education - memorizing information in rows of desks - won't serve students or the world that needs them.

High school students are capable of more autonomy, innovation, and initiative than we have ever given them credit for.  I'm looking at you, Greta Thunberg!  They need a school that helps them unlock their power to become leaders and communicators, and to form teams to solve hard problems together. They need a school that has the outlook and ability to stay ahead of exponential change and rapidly adapt to both crisis and immense opportunity.

Westmont shows me that they get it.”

Academic Experts

" The teachers and administration are to be commended on excellent planning which confirms the Montessori approach to learning but also clearly reflects the modernized BC curriculum...the planning already extends to include a curricular and competency overview for the Graduation Program."

- BC Ministry of Education Inspector

Cutting Edge Program

Experiential learning comes to the fore and is framed by projects tackled through the model of design thinking. We bring you to the world both virtually and in person, by creating learning experiences in progressive environments that offer knowledge from the real world not a textbook – from business incubators to makerspaces, organic farms to ocean biology labs, university lectures to expert mentorships, local explorations to global adventures.

Drive or bus to spectacular nature!

Drive 15 minutes from the Westshore (25 minutes from Victoria) or take a 45 minute bus from Victoria to Westmont’s amazing forest-meets-ocean nature campus in the heart of Metchosin British Columbia.

Westmont Bus

Westmont’s Partners

Partners are a cornerstone of Westmont’s new high school model.  In our view, partners are the best way to bring valuable, real world resources and experiences to your education and personal development. For our partners, we provide an incredible opportunity to shape future leaders and contributors for their organizations and society. Did you know that Google and Microsoft are hiring right out of high school? Take that student debt!

Current Partners

Entrepreneur’s Organization Vancouver Island is a local chapter of the 14,000 member EO Global organization.  EO Island business owners employ over 2000 people in a diverse set of industries.  Westmont and EO are exploring collaboration opportunities to support budding entrepreneurs in highschool.  These include mentorship, event judging, and information sharing about the local and global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Science Venture at University of Victoria is a non-profit organization that offers hands-on, minds-on science, engineering and technology learning opportunities for youth entering grades 1 through 12.  Science Venture has been incredible at offering STEM focussed, experiential projects for Westmont students in our work this past year.  Hand’s on integrated circuit design and coding to solve an ocean pollution problem is just one example!

Future Partners?

Westmont is interested in and has started to actively explore partnerships with these organizations.  Look forward to more announcements!

Find out about our​

Tuition and Fees

The  fee structure for our 202-24 High School program are available below. Fees can be paid on an annual OR monthly basis. For full admissions details on the family bond, discounts available, withdrawal policy, please see our Admissions page.

Annual Fees

$14 945 Tuition Fee

Other Fees

Capital Fees – $330 (per family)

School Supply Fee – $150

Supplementary Fee – $1 500

Sibling Discounts.

Youngest child – Full fees

First Sibling – 20% reduction of tuition fees

Subsequent Siblings – 30% reduction of tuition fees

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