Enrolment for 2021-22 & Beyond

We are accepting applications for all Early Years to Grade 12 programs on a rolling basis. Space is limited and some programs are waitlisted.

Step 1 – Tour

Interested families are encouraged to visit our campus. Westmont has tours available every Thursday morning, during the school year, to see our programs in action. No tours are available July and August.

(High School Only)

Step 2 – Apply

Please complete an Application form.
This can be dropped of at the school with the Application Fee. Please submit any supporting documents as required, i.e. report cards, diagnostic testing, occupational therapy reports, etc.

Step 3 – Student Visit

Westmont does require that all students have a mandatory visit so that teachers can get to know your child. This visit is a half day for Early Primary and two days for Elementary/Middle School.

Step 4 – Enrolment

Enrolment may happen after the student visit. Successful enrolment depends upon available spaces, suitability for the program, and the ability to meet any special learning needs a student may have.

Contact Admissions

Barb Lewis,
Admissions Coordinator

2021-22 (New Families)


Westmont fees cover all the costs of our outstanding program with the exception of a nominal fee for school supplies in the fall. If you have more than one child please note that our sibling discounts are the best in Victoria.

Early Primary

Short Day Program

$737 (12 Monthly Payments) – Pick up at 12:15

Early Primary

Full Day Program

$983 (12 Monthly Payments)


Full Day Program

$815 (12 Monthly Payments)


Grades 1-6

$779 (12 Monthly Payments)

Middle School

Grades 7-8

$1036 (12 Monthly Payments)

High School

Grades 9-12

$1051 (12 Monthly Payments)

The Refundable Family Bond

One Bond per Family – $5000 One time, fully refundable.

Westmont School is a school that is committed to academic excellence and a caring learning environment. Westmont and its Board of Directors, The Western Communities Montessori Society (WCMS), recognize that in order to offer a program based on these standards of excellence and to create an environment that maximizes the potential of its students, investment in the appropriate facilities and equipment is required.

In September 1998, the WCMS Board located, purchased and moved Westmont School to its current wonderful site in Metchosin. In order to provide the necessary capital for this investment, the refundable Student Bond Program was established. (The Student Bond was replaced by the “Family Bond” in April 2009.) The ongoing purpose of the bond program is to support the capital plan used to fund the long term capital needs of the School.

Family Discounts

Youngest child – Full fees

First Sibling – 20% reduction of tuition fees

Subsequent Siblings – 30% reduction of tuition fees

Other Monthly Fees

Capital ($410/year) per family – $34.17/mo

Before & After School Daycare – $2.25 per ¼ hour
(EP-Grade 6)
(if used)

School Supply Fee – EP/K $4.30 | Low. Elem. $6.20 | Up. Elem. $8.50

Middle & High School annual and monthly tuition charges already include the capital and school supply monthly fees.

Annual Charges

Volunteer Levy – $500/family (Payable June 30, 2021 for shortfall of required 12 hours at $41.66 per hour. If no volunteer time has been fulfilled by June 1st 2021 the full amount of $500.00 will be charged on June 30th 2021.)

Uniform – $300 – $500 estimated annual cost

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