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Purchasing New Uniforms

Daily Uniforms

Daily uniform pieces (bottoms and tops) for Westmont School must be purchased directly from Cambridge Uniforms. Ordering is done online or by phone. Contact information for Cambridge is:

School code: EST303

Telephone: 1-800-924-9069

Athletic Uniforms

Athletic Uniforms ordering is done periodically throughout the year: late September, January, and June. Our uniforms are custom designed and as a result there are minimum quantities we must order at a time. Parents will be informed of a pending ordering opportunity. Once ordering opens up, there will be a two-week window within which families must order through Lionheart’s website. Delivery time is 6-7 weeks.

The school also maintains a limited inventory on-site which can be purchased online at

Purchasing Used Uniforms

For your convenience, a used uniform sales program exists offering up uniform pieces for $5 per item, all of which goes to the PAC. Please inquire at the front desk if you are interested in purchasing or donating items.

Please contact the school if purchasing uniform pieces presents a significant financial burden.

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