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What does the admission process look like at Westmont? 

You are welcome to book a tour and visit our school and campus prior to completing an application form. After the mandatory student visit, our Admission Team consisting of an Admission Coordinator, the Head of School, Assistant Principal, Resource Teacher and Classroom Teacher will evaluate the application and decide whether the student is accepted into the program, whether the student needs to be placed in the waiting pool for that program when spaces are not available, or whether the student is declined admission into the program. For more information about the admission steps for various programs, please visit our admission page.

Is there a cost associated with the application form?

In order to be processed, all applications require the payment of a $150 fee, which is non-refundable. 

How long does it take to find out if a student has been accepted?

Some of our programs have a waitlist of applicants, who will only be contacted for a mandatory classroom visit once a spot has become available. As soon as the student is invited for a classroom visit, our Admission Team will have gathered the necessary information for a decision to be communicated forthwith. 

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