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How is Westmont keeping the school facilities clean?

We have invested in state-of-the-art electrostatic cleaning technology for our materials and surfaces in classrooms and adopted rigours cleaning protocols. We have also limited guest access to our buildings. More information can be found in the Westmont’s COVID Health and Safety Plan.

Who needs to self-isolate prior to a return to classes?

Westmont follows the provincial guidelines for quarantine and self-isolation, and as such, it requires students who travelled outside Canada to self-isolate for 14 days upon their return

Is Westmont accepting new applications for September 2021, given the pandemic?

Westmont is accepting new applications for September 2021 for the Early Years (3-year-olds) through to Grade 12 programs. We invite you to complete an application form or to review our admission page for more information.

Will Westmont offer school or campus tours or visits during 2020-2021?

Westmont is currently providing tours by booking only. You can book a tour here. If spaces are available in the program you have applied for, a student visit is required for all new students. This visit is a half-day for Early Primary and two days for Elementary/Middle School programs.

What is Westmont doing to ensure the school is prepared, as the pandemic evolves?

Our COVID Safety plan is built from the latest recommendations provided by the BCCDC and Ministry of Education. Westmont has also assembled a strong Pandemic Response Team that meets regularly to assess the latest COVID information and to guide our community.  The Team’s focus is on health and supporting our families while keeping our school strong.  We are lucky to have the time, experience and energy of this diverse group that includes healthcare, education, finance, legal, engineering, and entrepreneurs.

Is there any temporary financial assistance if I am concerned about not being able to afford the school fees for 2021/2022?

New for 2021-22, Westmont will be offering scholarships to new families who may not have the funds available for tuition at the school. Full details can be found on our scholarship page. Westmont also offers bursaries for currently enrolled families who may experience short-term financial difficulties, details available on our bursary page.

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