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At Westmont it is expected that all students enrolled in the early primary program have completed their toilet training. This is one of the criteria for acceptance into the Early Primary Program. Early primary classes have a ratio of one instructor per eight children. It is important for all students to have the benefit of this close attention. If a teacher is called away from the students in order to take care of toileting issues, the learning session is disrupted and the other children in that particular group lose the continuity of instruction and supervision.  Toileting problems also cause stress and embarrassment to the child involved.

In the case of young children who may have an accident from time to time, we understand but, if a child has taken a backward step and is having reoccurring toileting issues, the classroom team will consult with the parent and work on a temporary solution.  For extreme cases, in which the toileting issues cannot be remedied in a few days, staff may ask that the child be kept at home until they are once again successfully toilet trained.  In this type of situation, the staff will work closely with the parents to ensure a successful return to class.

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