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What does it cost to attend Westmont?

Westmont strives for complete clarity in our fee structure. We keep our fees competitive and affordable, and we offer the best sibling discounts in Victoria. The tuition fees listed here cover all costs for our program with the exception of a nominal fee for the school supplies.

Are there any other fees in addition to the tuition?

The only other monthly fees are Capital fees, Before and After School Care fees(if used), and School Supply fees. Details of these can be found on our admissions page.

We estimate that our student’s uniforms will cost approximately $300-$500 annually, and if the 12-hour volunteer time is not fulfilled, then an amount of $500/family will be charged as a volunteer levy.

What is the bond?

In September 1998, the WCMS Board located, purchased and moved Westmont School to its current incredible ?l site in Metchosin. In order to provide the necessary capital for this investment, the refundable Student Bond Program was established and then replaced by the “Family Bond” in April 2009. The ongoing purpose of the bond program is to support the capital plan used to fund the long-term capital needs of the School. The bond of $5,000 is charged one time, per family (not student) and it is fully refundable.

Is there any financial assistance available?

Westmont does offer a scholarship program for new families, and a bursary program for new families. Details of these are available in the Giving tab above.

Before applying for a bursary, families enrolling 3 and 4-year-olds are required to investigate financial assistance available through the Child Care Subsidy program offered by the provincial government to determine what level of funding may be available, if any.

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