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What are the prizes this year?

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  • This year, thanks to our generous and committed donors, we added more prizes for the winning teams. The team that takes 1st place will get $10,000CAD, the team that placed 2nd will get $5,000CAD, and the team that places 3rd will have $2,500CAD to split between its members.
  • Up to three projects will be invited to pitch their design idea to the INSPIRE: STEM for Social Impact program at UVIC in 2023/2024, and to partner with an INSPIRE Apprentice Garage Team to develop a Minimum Viable Product in collaboration with the community of interest. INSPIRE’s Apprentice Garage Program engages teams of 4 UVIC Science and Engineering students developing solutions for social impact in our Greater Victoria communities. See here the 2022 Apprentice Garage Projects for social impact.
  • We are also actively working with our community partners to add more nominations and prizes.
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